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Reports Say 'Raises Likely To Shrink In 2024'... It may be time to search for a new job.

The job market constantly changes, and staying on top of new trends that might affect your career is essential.

One of the most significant changes coming in 2024 is the likely decrease in merit-based raises for U.S. workers. This shift could significantly impact your income and career prospects, so being proactive and preparing for what's ahead is essential.

Cate Chapman, Editor at LinkedIn News posted that "Merit-based raises are likely to be less prevalent next year for U.S. workers. Employers surveyed by management consultants Aon and Mercer forecast increases of between 3.5% and 3.7% — down from 3.9% this year — amid slowing inflation. Although those levels are still above pre-pandemic 2020 rates, there is a noticeable shift. For instance, one of the highest-paying industries, tech, is likely to see even smaller merit increases of just 3.3% in 2024, as recent layoffs and cost-cutting initiatives continue to be felt."

The first thing to understand is why raises will likely shrink in 2024. 

The primary reason is slowing inflation, which means employers can offer fewer salary increases to keep up with rising costs.

As the cost of living fails to keep up with its usual upward trajectory, many employers will feel less pressure to offer competitive salaries, leaving workers in a tough spot when it comes to advocating for their worth.

Another factor is the ongoing economic recovery from the pandemic, which has created uncertainty and made employers more cautious in their spending. Employers have been forced to become more cautious with their spending, which can affect everything from hiring decisions to company growth opportunities.

Many companies have been forced to cut costs and streamline their operations, often reducing the money available for raises.

Unfortunately for employees, this often means less money available for raises.

While it's certainly not the news anyone wants to hear, it's essential to understand that companies must make tough decisions to stay afloat.

It's up to employees to continue to work hard and demonstrate their value, hoping that when things improve, they'll be rewarded for their efforts.


What industries are likely to be impacted the most by these changes?

According to experts, one of the hardest-hit sectors will be tech, which has traditionally been one of the highest-paying industries. Even before the pandemic, many tech companies were pressured to cut costs and improve profitability, and this trend has only accelerated in recent years. As a result, tech workers can expect to see smaller raises in 2024 than in previous years.

Another industry that may be impacted is healthcare, one of the most stable sectors during the pandemic. However, because healthcare is such a large and diverse industry, the impact may only be felt equally across some roles and locations. For example, doctors and nurses may still be in high demand and command competitive salaries, while administrative and support staff may see smaller increases.

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