Get Hired... Rapidly!

Any Job Seeker can exponentially increase their chances of getting noticed and hired  because I share the inside secrets from the view of the Recruiter,
how to develop a resume that generates calls, how to prepare for an interview
and job search strategies to get you hired rapidly!

Pounding Pavement 101 coaching and programs is for:

  • Seasoned Professionals looking for their next career opportunity

  • College Graduates looking to start their careers

  • College Students looking for an internships/co-ops

  • High School Students looking for their first jobs

  • High School Students applying to college

Ready to put your job search into hyperspeed?

Let's get you hired rapidly!

Online Self Paced Training

One-on-one Coaching

Job Plan Strategies



High Schools


Interview Preparation

LinkedIn Profiles

I am here to help you with your job search!

Pounding Pavement 101 was created based on years of experience of talking to people and hearing that they have no plan as they go job hunting or how to prepare for an interview. I felt that there was information that needed to get out there from the eyes of the Recruiter/Employer/Interviewer to make the experience less stressful.


My goal at Pounding Pavement 101 is to provide you with expertise, information and to build confidence to make your job search successful.

Learn the secrets from a Recruiter on the inside sharing personalized guidance to highlight your attributes and make you shine! 


I will work with you privately, in a group session or in a lecture situation to bring your project into focus. This can be achieved by developing a plan, writing materials, preparing for an interview, and following up on leads.

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Subscribe now and receive a FREE Cheatsheet of Action Verbs to Jazz Up Your Resume!

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