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How To Easily Land Your
Dream Job Right Now*

Using A Recruiter's Hidden Secrets

"Within a couple weeks of working with Ilene, I was getting interviews, and I ultimately landed my dream job!" - David P.

You may be perfect for the job, but first,
you have to get noticed, get them on the phone
and then impress during the interview. 

The hardest thing to do is to market yourself. 
That is why I am here to partner with you and assist!

Job searching is a lonely process. 

It is frustrating, depressing and time-consuming.

It becomes a repetitive administrative task
and that is not what you set out to do for your career. 


I hear the frustration. 
Is this you...

You are applying for jobs and do not hear anything back.

You go on interviews and you do not receive offers.

You are running out of jobs to apply for
and not sure where else to look.

In the meantime, you are losing time.

Each month you are unemployed you are losing money.

The bills are piling up and unemployment is running out.

Any Job Seeker can exponentially increase their chances of getting noticed and hired with my proven successful 3 step job searching plan using inside secrets from the view of the Recruiter.
This is what we work on together:
  1. Develop a resume that generates calls.

  2. Prepare for interviews based on what the Recruiter is actually listening for in your answers.

  3. Attack the job market with a strategic plan creating immense amounts of visibility to get you noticed and hired rapidly.

Let's get you headed on the right track. 
Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call to discuss your job search:
"Ilene is truly amazing at helping people to better understand the job market. She could help you greatly on the entire process of a job hunt, from the beginning to the end."
- Xiaohan C.

Ready to put your job search into hyperspeed?

Let's get you hired rapidly!


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Pounding Pavement 101 programs are perfect for:

  • Seasoned Professionals looking for their next career opportunity

  • College Graduates
    looking to start their careers

  • College Students
    looking for coops/ internships


  • High School Students looking for their first jobs

  • High School Students applying to college

Inspiring conversations
with clients sharing success
on working with Ilene.

Let's not waste
a moment of time
to get you hired!

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Complimentary Consultation
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A Very Special Testimonial
You know you believe in your program when you put your own child through it and she lands her dream job in 4 weeks!
Searched On Own for 1 Year,
Landed Dream Job in 21 Days!
Seasoned Professional
Landed Job During COVID
During Holiday Season!
College Student Talks About Landing An Internship
Parent of College Graduate and Student Talks About Success for Her Sons
Engineer Builds Confidence
for Interview Success
High School Student Prepares
for Interview and Accepted to
West Point Military Academy
Entrepreneur Uses Skills
In Presenting Business
College Student Learns
Job Searching Life Skills and
Lands Summer Internship 
College Student 
Lands Summer Internship 
of Her Dreams In Record Time!




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