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JOB SEARCHING IN 2023: What You Need To Know To Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired Right Now

What You Need To Know To Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired Right Now

The job market is always changing, and it's important for job seekers to stay ahead of the curve. With that in mind, let's dive into how the job search process might look different in 2023.

From advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to changes in hiring practices, there are a number of factors that could drastically alter the job search game.

Here’s what you need to know now if you want to get hired.


Using AI for Job Searches

AI technology has already begun impacting how people search for jobs—and it will only become more prevalent.

A recent survey by Gartner found that by 2023 – just two years from now – 60% of organizations will use AI technology to evaluate potential hires during their recruitment process.

Applying for specific jobs these days often means preparing for an automated evaluation. While this might not sound as thrilling as a face-to-face interview, modern technology has made it possible for applicants to be thoroughly evaluated without needing to be in the same room as their prospective employers.

Automated evaluations can involve tests, surveys, and possibly even online interviews, giving employers a better representation of applicants' aptitude and proficiency when considering them for open positions.

With the growing demand for automated evaluation techniques in hiring, job seekers need to understand what is expected of them if they hope to gain an edge over the competition.

Automated scoring systems reward applicants for answering correctly, so staying up-to-date with job trends and industry knowledge can help applicants score higher on their evaluations. These assessments test various fundamental work skills and job-specific knowledge, and candidates should know how to weave these into their answers accurately and profoundly.

As competition for jobs intensifies, career success, more than ever, begins with preparation and understanding automated evaluations. Knowing how to navigate the tools and techniques Recruiters use to evaluate candidates can give job seekers a strong advantage in finding the job they want.

According to the National Automated Hiring Association, three out of every five employers rely heavily on algorithmic evaluation for candidate assessment.

For those seeking employment, familiarizing themselves with these technologies is vital; knowing how employers evaluate resumes and applications can help applicants gain an edge in the selection process.

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The Upswing of Remote Work

Remote work has been rising since before 2020, but COVID-19 accelerated its growth exponentially and created an entirely remote workforce overnight.

As the virtual workplace continues to gain traction, job seekers would be wise to ensure they have the necessary experience and knowledge when it comes to remote interviewing.

Recent surveys indicate that in 2023, around 65 percent of companies will still be managing their teams either partially or entirely virtually - meaning that prospects must now equip themselves with new skills and experiences relating to video conferencing software if they're looking to be competitive in the digital hiring process.

Setting up a well-organized home office is vital for telecommuters looking to thrive in their work-from-home environment. According to research conducted by the Harvard Business Review, having a clean and uncluttered desk encourages higher levels of productivity among remote workers by allowing them to manage their workloads more efficiently.

Additionally, having an organized workspace has been credited with fostering a more professional attitude and improved focus– two qualities that are absolutely essential for success in the virtual workspace.

For telecommuters looking to hit the ground running while working from home, having an organized work area should come first on the priority list.




Embrace Online Professional Networks

Online professional networks like Linkedin have already revolutionized the job search process – and they will continue to do so as time goes on.

In recruiting and employing the best talent for companies, businesses appear to increasingly turn to social media for help. According to a recent Recruiterbox study, 82% of employers are now utilizing social media sites — including Linkedin and Facebook — as part of their recruitment process. With this in mind, it is essential to ensure that your profiles on these websites are up-to-date and polished in order to capture potential employers' attention.

Online networking is an essential tool for ambitious job seekers looking to establish themselves as industry experts or showcase their professional qualities.

Studies have shown that over 80% of job openings are filled through online networks! By harnessing the power of online networking platforms alongside more traditional methods, such as attending events or placing ads, you can dramatically increase your chances of finding the right career opportunity.

As technology continues to evolve and global events shape our economy, it’s essential that job seekers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing for their future career moves.

By understanding how advances in AI technology and increased demand for remote work could affect hiring practices by 2023 – as well as embracing online professional networks early on – job seekers can give themselves a much better chance at getting hired when they enter the workforce two years from now!

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