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So, you graduated and you still do not have a job. Your next steps...

So, you graduated, and you still do not have a job. Your next steps...

So, you have just graduated and are ready to find your dream job.

Finding a job is difficult enough, let alone when you are just starting.

Searching for a new position can be overwhelming, whether it's your first or tenth job.

Here's what you need to know about finding a job after graduation.

It All Starts with Networking

Networking is essential for any job search, particularly for recent graduates. Employers often hire candidates they are familiar with or who are connected to valuable industry contacts.

According to surveys, 33% of employers think employee referrals are the best way to hire quality staff.

The key to building those relationships is staying engaged with industry events such as conferences, alum groups, and professional organizations - engaging regularly and forming meaningful connections with the people around you can provide a fantastic resource for future career opportunities.

It is easy to think that networking is all about taking as much as possible. However, the truth is that lasting relationships are built on mutual understanding and mutually beneficial solutions. You need to realize that the currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

Building your network requires investing time and energy into establishing authentic connections with those in your industry. Thoughtful exchanges and thoughtful offers of help or advice can have staying power compared to a one-time request for assistance.

A genuine approach to building relationships extends beyond immediate contacts and demonstrates respect for the field in which you work - something that will inevitably lead to long-term success.


Work Your Way Up

College graduates often feel restricted by the qualifications they have on their resume, not realizing that their experience and skillset can be applied in various industries.

According to recent studies, 93% of employers prefer job seekers willing to think outside the box and repurpose their skills.

It is essential to take time to maximize your full potential. You can create a comprehensive plan for achieving the job of your dreams by evaluating your abilities, such as those associated with transferable skills.

In addition to honing these skills, research is a practical approach to obtaining a job that matches what you desire and/or seeks out innovative areas for exploration.

According to research by the World Economic Forum, individuals who gain new skills and venture away from their comfort zone perform 24% better in their jobs and have higher levels of satisfaction than those who don't.

Taking calculated risks allows us to discover our potential and grow our capabilities; moreover, it enables us to significantly impact our bigger picture goals – all while satisfying ourselves professionally.

To gain a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and skill within any career path, seeking out and taking on entry-level roles alongside seasoned professionals who can act as mentors and train them in the exact skills needed for career success is immensely beneficial.

Nurturing this knowledge through real-world application is an invaluable tool that can open many professional doors that would otherwise remain closed.


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Be Open Minded & Flexible

In today's job landscape, many employers are turning to flexible options like remote work or temporary contracts due to modern economic trends or changing industry requirements.

Though this may not be suitable for all jobseekers, it could prove extremely valuable to those seeking experience and good pay in a field that interests them — both of which can act as solid stepping-stones toward long-term employment.

While taking a job that pays the bills might seem like the only viable option for new graduates in a challenging economic climate, research from the Harvard Business Review has shown that those who settle for part-time jobs or those for which they are overqualified have "substantially better" labor market outcomes four years later than those who take only positions that match their education. Therefore, settling for a job deemed below one's qualifications can provide big dividends in terms of career advancement down the road.

Exploring all options is crucial to success, and this data reminds us of the importance of crafting a long-term career plan from the start.

Starting a career can be daunting and unpredictable, but with the onset of modern times, taking chances and expanding one's horizons has never been easier.

According to research, 85% of 18-29 year olds have had at least one non-traditional job experience in their lifetimes. Not limiting yourself to a single concept or trajectory creates more potential for success.

A great quote from Katherine Schwarzenegger puts it perfectly: "You don't have to fit into someone else's idea of your ideal career path — you get to create your own that fits who you are and what you want."

So if you're starting your career journey, now is the time to keep an open mind and embrace any viable opportunities – even if they don't match your original expectations!

Finding a job after graduating from college is no easy feat — but it doesn't have to be impossible either! By networking with people in your desired field, taking different types of opportunities as they come up, and staying open minded throughout the process, you can increase your chances of landing the perfect position sooner rather than later. Good luck on your journey!

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