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If job openings have surged to a 3 month high, then why are you still unemployed?

You might be surprised to learn that the number of job openings in the United States recently hit a three-month high, with more than 6 million available positions.

The Labor Department's Job Openings and Turnover Survey shows 1.8 open positions for each unemployed person.

If you've been out of work for a while, you probably want to know why you aren't one of the people filling those roles.

Several factors could contribute to your unemployment, and it's important to examine them to increase your chances of success.




Thinking Outside The Box

When job searching, it's essential to cast a wide net and explore all the possibilities available.

For starters, it's worthwhile to consider if you're looking in all the right places. Narrowing your search to more than one industry or specific location could limit your options and exclude potential opportunities. It may be worth considering job positions outside your comfort zone.

Don't miss out on potential job opportunities simply because you're not looking in the right places. By broadening your scope and being willing to explore all options, you increase your likelihood of finding a job that's a perfect fit for you. Be willing to take a chance and explore new avenues; you always need to find where you might find your dream job!

The Right Stuff

As an expert in job searching, I will tell you that it is a multifaceted process that requires both tangible and intangible elements to come together successfully.

While having a strong resume and relevant qualifications are undoubtedly important, showcasing a positive attitude and enthusiastic demeanor during interviews is equally crucial.

According to surveys conducted by employers, they want to hire genuinely inspired individuals about the job and their company.

As a career professional searching for your next career move, it's essential to exude an upbeat and friendly attitude to stand out from the competition. By balancing your tangible and intangible qualities, you'll be on your way to landing your dream job.


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Get Out Of Your Ivory Tower

As a career professional in your field, you already understand the importance of networking. But did you know that networking can open doors to opportunities that the general public might never hear about?

Statistics show that networking plays a significant role in job searches, with over 80% of jobs never advertised.

This is where networking becomes an expert-level skill.

Building relationships with people in your industry increases your chances of landing your dream job and finding valuable connections that could lead to future opportunities.

Remember - presenting yourself in the best possible way is just as important as your qualifications. So, let's get networking and make those valuable connections today!

If you're struggling to find a job despite a recent surge in available positions, it's important to examine all the factors that could be contributing to your unemployment.

  • Are you looking in the right places and willing to take a job outside your comfort zone if needed?

  • Do you have the qualifications and experience employers seek, or do you need extra training?

  • Are you presenting yourself in the best possible light, and actively networking with people in your field?

Addressing these factors can increase your chances of success and find the job you've been searching for.


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My clients are getting hired in 3-8 weeks in their dream jobs after searching on their own for 9-12 months!

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