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LinkedIn Blunders: Do Not Put These Things On Your LinkedIn Profile

By Ilene Rein, Executive Recruiter and Job Search Strategist

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows you to network with potential employers, establish your expertise and find new opportunities. It can be a powerful tool for job seekers, but only if you know how to use it effectively.

The key to making your LinkedIn profile stand out is in the details. Avoid these common mistakes and you'll be sure not only to get more attention from Recruiters but also build a strong professional image that will keep up with all of those job seekers looking for talented employees like yourself!


Here are four things you should never include on your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Do not post any confidential or private information on your LinkedIn profile. This implies that you should avoid including personal information like social security numbers, home addresses, and so on to maintain the security of yourself as well as other visitors who may view this page!

2. Do not write anything that is negative. It's critical to appear professional and optimistic while looking for employment. It's good not to include any bad comments about prior employers, coworkers, or classmates on your LinkedIn profile since they will only reflect badly upon you!

3. Do not include anything that is irrelevant to your profession. This includes information such as your marital status, religion, or political views. Unless these topics are somehow related to your professional life, they have no place on your LinkedIn profile!

This next one is incredibly important!

4. Do not write anything that is not true or inaccurate. Even if it's unimportant, never include something just to sound interesting and creative - this will only backfire on you in the long run!

It is simple to make your LinkedIn profile professional. You'll be on the ideal track if you avoid these four items!


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