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Improve your professional career branding and increase your chances of getting a new job with these insider secrets.

Résumés and LinkedIn profiles are essential to the branding process, but they're almost never enough.

If you enhance your career branding, you can find a great job in a few weeks instead of waiting months or years. Therefore, it's time to act now if you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Having a good resume and LinkedIn profile is not enough to succeed in today's job market. You also need a solid career branding strategy.

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What is career branding?

Branding is the process that distinguishes a company or product from others. It involves creating a specific customer experience through service, marketing, and PR. And individuals can also benefit from branding!

Career branding involves much more than compiling a nice cover letter and ensuring your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

The purpose of career branding is to leave a lasting impact on potential employers. This is done by showcasing your leadership skills and expertise to anyone who comes across you, whether in person, through online presentations, or by reading your blog posts.


To help you get started with career branding, here are three insider tips to upgrade your professional brand to grab that new job:

1. Focus on your actual customer.

If you want your professional career branding strategy to be effective, you must focus on real customers—not just potential employers or hiring managers. When you're putting together your branding plan, don't think about what you like or dislike; think about how the messaging will resonate with people hiring for similar positions.

Creating a presentation about pivot tables is an excellent idea if you're a project manager who works with Excel all day. But if you never see an Excel pivot table again once the presentation is over, it won't make much of an impression on your audience. So instead, create a slideshow or short video about managing projects using the pivot table function.

Once you learn to view your skills, knowledge, and experiences from someone else's point of view—a customer who wants to know what you can do for them—you will be able to craft a career branding strategy that works!

2. Represent yourself how you want to be seen.

To create a career branding plan that impresses potential employers, you must represent yourself how YOU want to be seen—not how others describe you.

There's nothing wrong with being intelligent and successful, but instead of letting everyone assume you're excellent at everything you do, be open about your strengths and weaknesses.

It might seem scary to admit that there are areas where you need improvement—but once you become more transparent, you'll start to notice that people will be much more willing to trust what you say. And when it comes time for YOU to write about yourself or answer questions in an interview, your career branding statements will be clear and concise.

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3. Speak and write like a real person.

When creating a presentation or writing copy for your resume/LinkedIn profile, pretend you're talking to a friend, not an employer. This advice about career branding may seem repetitive, but it is factual.

My experience working with clients has shown that some try to create a unique career brand or answer all interview questions in one statement. But their final drafts sounded stiff and formal. And if you read something that you would never say in a casual conversation, it will be evident to your audience.

When you're writing a presentation, resume/LinkedIn profile, or recording your "elevator pitch," imagine that you're talking to someone with no vested interest in assisting you. Then, modify your language accordingly to make it effective.

Remember, it's not their fault if you're not getting hired while everyone else is. The issue may be with your profile or approach. Refrain from stressing about what others are doing or saying. Instead, focus on yourself and ensure you do everything possible to secure a job.

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My clients are getting hired in 3-8 weeks in their dream jobs after searching on their own for 9-12 months!

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