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10 Crazy Ideas Job Seekers Have Used To Get Hired In Their Dream Jobs

Searching for a job can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be boring or monotonous!

Believe it or not, there are some crazy (and perhaps even inspiring) methods for people successfully bagging their dream jobs.

You've probably heard the saying that "desperate times call for desperate measures." Well, when it comes to job hunting, that adage holds.

In today's competitive job market, job seekers pull out all the stops to make themselves stand out. From dressing up in costumes to sending food to potential employers, these job seekers will only stop at something to land their dream jobs.

Here are 10 of the craziest things job seekers have done to get hired:


1. Wearing a costume

While most job seekers are content with simply emailing a resume to a potential employer, one creative candidate chose to stand out and take a risk by dressing up as Batman and hand-delivering his resume. And the gamble paid off – not only did he snag an interview for the position he applied for, but he landed the job!

As this successful job seeker has shown, going above and beyond can pay off when gaining employment. Studies have shown that taking risks during the job search – such as using unique application strategies – can increase applicants' chances of success by up to 34%.

2. Hiring a skywriter

This bold move from a potential job seeker demonstrates an innovative approach to the challenge of catchy job applications. Despite not leading to employment, the hiring manager was undoubtedly struck by her outside-the-box thinking.

Studies have shown that employers are looking for candidates with "creative mindsets and solutions that contribute to a dynamic work environment," making this story an inspiring example of how far you can go in standing out among your competition.

However, while creative approaches can be successful in certain situations, keeping the employer's needs in mind when crafting a resume or acceptable job application format to get hired is essential.

3. Sending food

Most job seekers have heard the cliché advice to go the extra mile. This often presents as sending a thank-you note after an interview, writing a great cover letter, or researching relevant information about the position. However, that wasn't enough for one astute job seeker who sent his resume with a creative twist.

With minimal effort and a little faith, he sent out a pizza box with his resume and a note saying, "Hope this pizza finds you well" - and it worked!

Not only did he get an interview, but he got the job. It's stories like this that bring hope to job seekers all over the world that their risk-taking strategies can pay off.

Even if it doesn't lead to employment, you never know what kind of success could come from an out-of-the-box approach when job searching!

4. Creating a website

Creativity is often the key to success, as demonstrated by one woman's ingenious website titled "Why You Should Hire Me." The website featured comprehensive information about her qualifications and included glowing letters of recommendation from past employers, which resulted in multiple job offers!

This type of creative approach to career promotion can make a real difference. In fact, according to research conducted by the National Career Development Association, creative efforts are four times more likely to bring in job offers compared with more conventional strategies. This example is a powerful reminder of how personal ambition and ingenuity can create extraordinary opportunities.

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5. Hand-delivering a resume

It's an incredible success story - a man who believed in himself and his plan to deliver his resume to a potential employer by kayak! While this might not be an ideal job-hunting approach for everyone, this man was determined and willing to take a chance.

According to the latest figures, roughly one out of every four people land a new job after completing at least five informational interviews - which puts the kayak strategy in perspective.

The advantages of this type of bold move are clear, and though it might not work for everybody, it can pay off in spades for those with the courage and willingness to go above and beyond what is typically expected of job seekers.

6. Sending a singing telegram

One woman sent a singing telegram to her potential employer to stand out from the crowd. The telegram included her qualifications and ended with the woman singing her favorite song.

She didn't get the job, but she made an impression!

7. Making a video resume

It's becoming increasingly crucial for job seekers to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is by creating a video resume instead of the traditional paper version. By putting yourself out there in this way, employers can understand your skills and who you are as a person.

A survey by Jobvite shows that 54% of employers are more likely to hire people with a video interview, so why not take advantage of that? You need to construct a well-crafted video resume highlighting your talents and abilities to help you land the position you've been dreaming of!

8. Hiring a mariachi band

One man took job hunting to a new level when he hired a mariachi band to follow him around town while going on job interviews! The band accompanied him everywhere and serenaded him with motivating song lyrics pushing him to get the job done right.

Surprisingly, this unique tactic worked — the man received over four job offers, a feat seldom accomplished by traditional job seekers at that time. As the age-old adage goes, make mariachis when life gives you lemons!

9. Sending daily emails

One woman seeking employment began sending daily emails to her potential employer until she finally landed an interview (and eventually the job).

Talk about persistence!

10. Dressing up as Santa Claus

One man seeking employment as Santa Claus took his quest for the perfect Christmas gig one step further by dressing up like Old Saint Nick and handing out resumes door-to-door in his neighborhood! He even had business cards made that said: "Santa Claus – Available for Christmas Parties!"

He landed the gig!

So there you have it – 10 crazy ideas that job seekers have used to get hired for their dream jobs.

While some of these tactics may seem extreme, they show that sometimes you must think outside the box to land your dream job.

Now, once you have stopped laughing, let's put this all in perspective.

Job seekers should remember that each situation is unique and that it's essential to tailor your approach based on your audience to stand out from the competition.

While some of these tactics may work for specific individuals, they may not be suited for everyone. The key takeaway is that personal ambition and ingenuity can create extraordinary opportunities.

And although you are looking to think outside the box, some basics still need to be remembered.

Your resume should still be professional and based on how Recruiters search.

You should still prepare for the interviews not based on the generic advice out there but based on what Recruiters are actually listening for in your responses.

And you need to have a strategic job searching plan to exponentially increase your chances of getting noticed and hired rapidly for your dream job.

Good luck!

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