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How is your job search going?

These are tough times and I want to help. Jobs will come back, but not all of them and the competition will be fierce!  You need to be prepared to win that job! 


The hardest thing to do is to market yourself.  And that is what the job search is about, product marketing and you are the product.  I am here to partner with you to market you!

I am a Professional Recruiter
and President of Pounding Pavement 101.


Now that I am am a Recruiter, I look back and say 'I wish I knew then what know now about the job searching'.  I founded Pounding Pavement 101 to help people in their job searches and share the inside secrets on how to grab a Recruiter’s attention to get hired!

Question for you...

If you were about to take a test in school, who is the best person to ask what will be on the test?  The teacher, right!

So, I am the Recruiter who will be seeking candidates and asking interview questions.  Wouldn't it be helpful to find out what I am looking for and what I will be asking during the interview?

My Goal For You

My goal is to make the job hunting process a little less painful than it needs to be.  I save time, frustration, tears and income lost due to unemployment and put your job search on steroids.

1-on-1 Coaching

Resumes: I will show you how to develop a resume to generate calls. 
After all, that is the number one job of your resume! 

Interview Preparation: I do not believe in 'mock' interviews. They do not work. 
There is always a sense of that it is not real. 
Think of it this way. 
When you took the PSATs, you did not take the SATs the next day. 
You got your results and then prepared for the SATs based on what you did not know.  

I believe in interview preparation. 
If 75% of all interview questions are the same,
then let's develop your answers together to build your confidence to land the job!

Digital Presence: Are you the best-kept secret in town?
I show you how to create a digital presence so you can be found easily by employers and Recruiters.

Coaching - Motivation, Advice, and Follow Up: We are in this together!
Job hunting is a tiring process and some of us need a little prompting each week to keep our motivation going.
If activity is not happening, we re-evaluate and develop a new plan of action together.