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Warning! Avoid These 10 Words In Your Resume Or Risk Unemployment Forever

By Ilene Rein, Executive Recruiter and Job Search Strategist

You might not realize it, but the words on your resume can be just as important to getting you an interview and a job offer as any other marketing project.

As with any good piece of content or copywriting – such as websites for products - there are certain key phrases that should never appear anywhere in this document because they will only turn off employers from considering hiring someone based solely on these keywords (and therefore effectively eliminates them).

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While it's important to use strong and powerful words in your resume, there are some words that you should avoid. These words can make your resume sound weak, unimpressive, less qualified, or inexperienced.

Here are 10 words to watch out for:

1. "Experienced" - This word can often be used to describe someone who has been in the workforce for a long time, which may not be applicable to you if you're a recent graduate.

2. "Leader" - If you don't have any leadership experience, using this word can make your resume seem unrealistic.

3. "Hard worker" - Everyone wants to seem like they work hard, but this phrase doesn't really tell the employer anything about your qualifications.

4. "Team player" - Similar to the "hard worker" phrase, this one doesn't really offer any information about your skills or experience and is subjective.

5. "Organized" - This is a quality that every employer wants in their employees, but it's not something that you can necessarily show on your resume. Again, a subjective term.

6. "Multitasker" - Again, this is a skill that every employer wants, but it's difficult to show on your resume. Also, a multi-tasker might have negative connotations that you cannot focus on one task.

7. "Self-starter" - This term can be used to describe someone who is motivated and takes initiative. But again, your definition of a ‘self-starter’ will be different than another person.

8. "Go-getter" - Another term that employers are looking for but this sounds a little too desperate.

9. "Problem solver" - If you've had any experience solving problems in previous jobs, you need to back it up with examples.

10. "Detail-oriented" - This is another quality that every employer wants in their employees, however, don’t tell me you are detail-oriented on your resume, show me!

Avoiding these words will make your resume more appealing to employers and increase your chances of getting hired. Words matter when you’re job searching. The words you use on your resume can make a big difference in whether or not you get the interview. That’s why it’s important to avoid certain words that have a negative impact on your employment prospects. These words can make you sound weak, unimpressive, less qualified, or inexperienced. Instead, use strong and powerful words to showcase your skills and qualifications.

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