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The Employer’s Guide To Conducting 
Effective Layoffs And Workforce Reductions 
For A Smooth Transition For Your Employees​

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In this free guide you will learn:


How to ease the transition 
for your laid-off employees and business

Company Checklist to successfully handle Layoffs / Staff Reductions 

Save time and money with a comprehensive outplacement plan




"Ilene is fantastic! Her knowledge and experience were invaluable in guiding me through the negotiations for an unexpected opportunity. She not only knows what to look for, but also was able to offer expertise on how to approach the discussion so that everyone ends up winning."
- Richard Forsythe - Chief Technology Officer

"Her insider’s knowledge is invaluable for putting together a strong resume and offers immense insight on the job recruitment process – A couple hours of interview prep with her provided more information than six years of school career counseling!"

Film Animator

"For anyone like myself who gets caught up in the logistics and complexity of job hunting, Ilene simplifies the equation. She helps you isolate and solve for the first variable, and once you know the first variable, the rest of them come a lot easier."

Biomedical Engineer

"Ilene is truly amazing at helping people to better understand the job market. She could help you greatly on the entire process of a job hunt, from the beginning to the end.."

Xiaohan Chen
Project Engineer

"I learned how to present the best version of myself with steadfast confidence. Ilene's advice to me has been very impactful, and will always be relevant throughout all stages of my job search, be it an internship or even a full time job when I graduate."

College Student

"This is an amazing service. Ilene definitely helped my daughter organize, both on paper and online, her accomplishments and strategy for finding a job. She encouraged and pushed in ways that tend to be more effective than parental guidance. My daughter has a good job and is completely off the family payroll!"

Parent of a College Graduate

"I personally was a month into my job search, and Ilene helped me realize there was so much more I could be doing. If I'm in the market again for a new job, I'll definitely be going to Ilene first."

Sales Professional

"After I met Ilene and she helped me redo my resume and fix my Linked In Profile....I talked to a LOT more recruiters and actually went on interviews, plus... I actually got a job."

​IT Professional

"Ilene is a ninja, yoda, a saint. Ilene has cracked through that shell of our son's stubbornness by demonstrating that what she offers clearly works. Ilene has a keen eye and an acute sense of trends in job seeking and hiring practices."

Parent of a College Student

"Ilene changed my outlook on how to achieve this goal from my initial mindset of “something will come to me” to “I need to bang on every door I can find until I get where I want to be.” 


"If you are struggling with your job search, ILENE IS THE BEST! I was applying to jobs left and right for almost a year with no activity, and within a couple weeks of working with Ilene, I was getting interviews, and I ultimately landed my dream job!"

Marketing & Events Coordinator

"Ilene Rein is a one stop shop for job hunters because after you have worked with her you will have a job!"

Hospitality & Events Manager

"Within two days after Ilene helped me understand what recruiters were looking for in resumes and showed me the way to fix it, I received many emails and phones calls."


"After conversations with Ilene about resumes and interview prep, I was able to tackle my job interview with confidence that I didn’t have before."

College Student

"After working with Ilene, I learned how to set up my profile to showcase my skills and gain visibility. I'm receiving more interest from business prospects and my network is growing rapidly."

Motivational Speaker

"Eliminate the stress by going to Ilene Rein. She is an expert in the field of finding job opportunities and helping clients get the job they are seeking."

Superintendent of Schools

Scientifically Proven
Job Search Methodology
Detailed Statistics

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