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Discover The Foolproof, Job-Getting,
Career-Building System


A strategic roadmap exponentially increasing your chances of getting noticed and hired rapidly
by learning the inside secrets directly from an Executive Recruiter.


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Easily Land Your Dream Job Right Now***

Finding your perfect job can be difficult.

​You have tried job searching on your own.

​Hours have been spent searching and applying only to hear nothing back.

It can feel like there are a million things working against you.

At this point, you are convinced that it is impossible to get hired.

It is time to bring in a professional Job Search Strategist to get the job done.

I am here to show you how to get hired in your career field by using the inside information I learned when I became a Recruiter.

Think of it this way...
If you were pitching a million-dollar account, you would do everything possible to land that account, right?

You would probably hire a branding expert, a speech coach, an accountant to review numbers, etc.

Well, as a job seeker, you are trying to land that big account (job). You are pitching to an employer to spend a lot of money on purchasing your product... YOU!

You deserve every chance to land that dream job.


Pounding Pavement 101 program
is perfect for:


  • Seasoned Professionals
    looking for
    next career opportunity

  • College Graduates
    looking to start their careers

  • College Students
    looking for coops/ internships


  • High School Students
    looking for first jobs


  • High School Students
    applying to college

Smart People Who Rapidly Landed Their Dream Jobs Using
The Inside Secrets From a Recruiter in Pounding Pavement 101
Mary - Testimonial Video Thumbnails2.png

"I had been on the job hunt for, like, 8 or 9 months after finishing a graduate degree and just not making progress, starting to get really stuck and lost. And Pounding Pavement 101 was like a breath of fresh air. This was something I can do that I know will help me. It felt good to have something that I knew I could do that would make a difference, since what I had been doing was not making a difference. And now I look back and can know exactly why I didn't get calls and what I was doing wrong."

Mary Judge

Marketing Director

carolyn edick.png

I want to thank Ilene for the time and energy she spent helping my son and talking with me. My son was very frustrated at the end-of-college experience (covid) and unresponsive job search. We had worked on my son's resume, even had it professionally redone, he was required to redo it again, Ilene's way. Ilene's format was easier to read, and actually held more information. I am especially appreciative of the interview practice. My son signed the papers for his first professional job. He is relieved and looking forward to the future.
Ilene did what I could not. She walked my son to his future. 
Thank you Ilene.

Carolyn Edick


Michael - Testimonial Video Thumbnails15.png

I was a bit unsure about this program at first, but I have been running in circles with the job search and interviewing process for so long. From day one of this program, Ilene provided me with the advice and guidance that I needed to write a phenomenal resume, clean up my LinkedIn profile, say the right things in an interview and search for jobs. Within weeks, I was able to not only land an interview but also the job I always wanted.

Michael Chen

Mechanical Engineer

Scientifically Proven
Job Search Methodology

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